GGPoker launch new side betting on flops feature

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Cash game players can now bet on the colour or texture of the flop in a new side game feature from GGPoker.

The new side bet feature

Anyone who was a fan of the show High Stakes Poker will know about some of the side games the players would participate in, like the colour of the flops. There is no skill involved, of course, but they encouraged more action in general.  

GGPoker Hold’em cash game players can now bet on the texture of flops in hands that they are involved in. Players can place a side bet before the flop is dealt, if the hand ends before the flop the bet is carried over to the next hand or cancelled if the players sit out. If a board is run more than once, the first flop will count for the side bet.  

Players can bet that the flop will have more red or black cards, will be pairred, will have a three card flush or straight, trips on the flop or a three card straight flush. 

Side bets of between 1 and 100 big blinds for the stakes of the table will be permitted. Players can wager in both $ and C$, but all winnings will be paid out in $. 

Below you can see the bet types, the payouts for each bet and the expected return to player (RTP) percentage:

Bet type Payout RTP
Two Red Cards 0.75:1 92.86%
Two Black Cards 0.75:1 92.86%
Pairred Flop 3.4:1 75.43%
Three Cards Same Suit 15.5:1 82.58%
Three Cards in Sequential Order 24:1 84.69%
Trips  167:1 78.86%
Straight Flush 167:1 78.86%

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