Pokemon Unite Decidueye Guide: Day 1

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By following this Pokemon Unite Decidueye guide, players should be able to further maximize the Pokemon’s capabilities. Decidueye, the newest addition to Pokemon Unite, is a ranged attacker with three evolution forms. The pokemon definitely scales a little slow into the game. Therefore, expect to impact the mid to later stages of the game more heavily than the early. Since Decidueye is a physical attacker relying on keeping its distance, make sure to kite. The pokemon is rather fragile. Walking too close to the sun, or in this case Zeraora, and risks getting blown up.

From the best held items, to a thorough analysis of movesets, this Pokemon Unite Decidueye guide will walk through players of the background knowledge necessary to play Decidueye effectively. Do not consider the mentioned Pokemon Unite Decidueye Guide as the only viable method of play. Treat the guide as a base to aid in understanding, and customize as deemed fit.

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Decidueye Overview

As previously mentioned, Decidueye evolves at level 7, making it very much a slow starter. In fact, Rowlet and Dartrix don’t even gain access to its second moves until becoming Decidueye. This means even Dartrix is lacking the necessary utility to contest many key fights early on. But once reaching its final evolution, Decidueye snowballs incredibly hard.

Learning moves at level 7, 8 and its unite move at 9, Decidueye quickly transforms from a weak little chickling into a terrifying angel of death. Making use of this quick power spike is essential to maximizing the pick.

Battle Items

Pokemon Unite venusaur build

Eject Button

Decidueye requires escape options to scale properly into the mid to late stages of the game. This makes Eject the best battle item for Decidueye, hands down. The other held items simply lack the insurance that Decidueye desperately needs. But for those who are sick of using Eject Button, X-Attack would be the next best alternative. Eject button is still highly recommended.

Held Items

Pokemon Unite Decidueye Guide
Buddy Barrier

Players really shouldn’t be surprised to see Buddy Barrier recommended. The item’s utility on so many different pokemon is far too high, Decidueye included. Especially since Decidueye learns its Unite Move early at level 9, the bird makes great use of this item. In addition, the extra health prevents Decidueye from being burst down by any pokemon that simply looks at it funny, alongside provides a great shield for Decidueye to safely shoot its foes down with its Unite Move: Nock Nock. Highly recommend to NOT replace buddy barrier.

Pokemon Unite Decidueye Guide
Muscle Band

Another quintessential item for Decidueye is Muscle Band. Since Decidueye deals a big chunk of its damage using basic attacks, Muscle Band maximizes the amount of attacks Decidueye can dish out in a given span of time. In addition, the extra physical attack stats the item grants makes it irreplaceable.

Pokemon Unite Decidueye Guide
Scope Lens

Critical chance is an obvious choice for Decidueye. Considering the pokemon primarily auto attacks, having a crit or two in the mix drastically increases damage output. Now, when comparing Scope Lens with Razor Claw, why Scope Lens for this build? Well, Scope lens provides more direct bonus to basic attacks outside of when attacking after a move usage. For Decidueye’s case, since the pokemon’s cooldowns aren’t necessarily low, Scope Lens is the optimal choice.

Alternative Held Items

Razor Claw Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Razor Claw

As mentioned previously, Razor Claw is still completely viable on Decidueye. Especially when looking to surprise the opponents with some burst damage, rather than a constant stream of DPS, take Razor Claw. Works wonders with Razor Leaf builds.

Float Stone Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Float Stone

Take this alternative with a grain of salt. Float Stone as an item has been controversial as of late, since the movement speed buff outside of combat takes far too long to proc. But still, the base attack alongside base movement speed stats are pretty high, essential for a kiting pokemon like Decidueye. Players will likely not receive the outside of combat buff, but the base movement speed provided by the item still remains in effect. This item would replace Scope Lens.

Focus Band Held Item Pokemon Unite • Unite-DB
Focus Band

For players finding themselves constantly getting burst down, try using Focus Band alongside Buddy Barrier. Replace Scope Lens for this item to gain some very nice defensive capabilities.

Best Moves

When comparing Razor Leaf with Spirit Shackle, Decidueye’s moveset is rather versatile. Razor Leaf provides consistent damage output through enhanced basic attacks, but Spirit Shackle deals more damage overall when utilized properly.

Spirit Shackle

For players looking to maximize damage output and confident in their aiming skills, Spirit Shackle is undeniably the better option. If Decidueye hits Spirit Shackle, which requires the player to charge the attack and snipe enemies, the move’s utility is absolutely insane. Dealing more damage on lower health targets, Spirit Shackle bursts down key targets from an absurd distance. In addition, the move passes by targets. It doesn’t stop at the first target hit, so Decidueye can realistically hit many enemies at once.

Razor Leaf, on the other hand, provides a more beginner friendly method of approach. Increasing the pokemon’s attack, attack speed, and targets hit with basic attacks, Razor Leaf is incredible simple to utilize. After all, missing a basic attack is near impossible. But when comparing the total amount of possible damage output, Spirit Shackle far outweighs Razor Leaf.

Leaf Storm

Always take Leaf Storm. The move slows opposing pokemon, while simultaneously pushing point blank enemies back. This push is far too important to ignore for a squishy attacker like Decidueye. The pokemon actually deals more damage with its basic attacks the further it is from the enemy. Having a push to create distance not only keeps Decidueye safe from key threats, but it also realistically increases its damage. Oh, and the move can hit multiple targets at once. Considering players love to group and dive all at once, this makes Leaf Storm incredibly beneficial.

Shadow Sneak is quite frankly bad. The move takes hold of a single pokemon only, decreasing its defense and movement speed. On paper, that sounds pretty decent. But players need to consider the climate of Pokemon Unite. Very rarely do 1v1 scenarios make or break the game. More often than not, team fights decide everything. In addition, with a 12-second cooldown compared to Leaf Storms’ 8, there’s no reason to take Shadow Sneak. It doesn’t even provide a hard lockdown like Leafstorm.

In Conclusion

Decidueye requires a keen eye on positioning. In order to maximize damage, Decidueye needs to stand as far away from the enemy as possible, but close enough to actually impact the fight. This becomes a nuanced tasks filled with incredible detail, making the ranged attacker on the harder end of master.

Since Decidueye just released, players are surely confused on how to play the Pokemon properly. Hopefully, this Pokemon Unite Decidueye Guide provided the necessary tips and analysis to help players into understanding the new ranged attacker. For those who just picked up the flying type, keep Decidueye’s power spikes in mind and work hard to mastering the pick.

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