Sleep your way to Bankroll Challenge success

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We welcome a new grinder to our blogging challenge, we get more shameless doggo pictures and find out if ‘they always have it on the river’? Plus the latest $100 winner…

Welcome Fredjen to the Bankroll Challenge. A career change has allowed him to take poker more seriously and he is using his Bankroll blog as a way to stay accountable for his actions. 

The opposite of staying accountable for his actions is our editor BarryCarter who fell asleep as the chip leader of a UOS event with 20 players left and managed to bink 7th place. He had an excuse for the sleep issue though and his PokerStrategy contract states he has to post a picture of his new puppy Arthur once a week:

The new pup

Free money! Not quite, but it looks like the $1.10 MTTs that mariussica88 plays are practically giving away equity for nothing. Check out some of these crazy hands. 

Do they always have it on the river? That is what JustMillion has been wondering and this week he put in some analysis to find out.

The $100 winner is….

It’s that time again folks, every month just by blogging you have a chance to win $100 and this time that winner is…… the aforementioned JustMillion !


Congratulations – good luck at the tables!

The Bankroll Challenge results so far

If you are a fan of his PLO hand updates then you might want to rail ghaleon who is our most likely next finisher in the Bankroll Challenge. 

What is the Bankroll Challenge?

Build your Bankroll - reach a goal!

In the Bankroll Challenge we encourage our members to get better by blogging about their poker journey and setting some ambitious goals. 

Our members found that having a blog kept them accountable to their goals and it’s a great way to help them get to know their fellow PokerStrategists. As the saying goes ‘what gets measured, gets managed’ and simply having a blog keeps you on your A-Game. 

To help you on your journey and with a little bit of luck you can win $100 that we will raffle once a month among our active bloggers, regardless of where they play, accompanied by a special badge for their forum avatar for anyone succeeding in their first Bankroll Challenge.

How to join the Bankroll Challenge

The challenge is open to all PokerStrategists and you do not need to be tracked to us to participate. All you need to do is:

  • Start a blog in our forum.
  • State your starting bankroll, your regular stakes/games and your poker room in the first post.
  • Set a long term bankroll goal of at least $500 and/or a minimum of five times your starting bankroll.
  • Sign-up to the Bankroll Challenge in our registration thread, with a link to your personal blog, your initial bankroll and your goal.
  • Post at least once a week in your blog.

Once a month we will raffle $100 among all eligble PokerStrategists participating in the Bankroll Challenge regardless of where you play.

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