The Best and Worst Guns in CSGO

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CSGO, the world’s premier First Person Shooter, is completing its 10 year anniversary in a few months. Despite its many bugs, glitches and exploits, one thing  CSGO has always been praised for is the gunplay.

The weapon mechanics in CSGO are second to none, and it is always taken as a standard when it comes to other shooters, how well they compare to Counter Strike’s gunplay etc.

So which weapons are these, which make CS as great as it is? Let’s dive into it

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CSGO has a total of 34 weapons that are divided into 4 categories. These include Pistols, 10 of which are available, 11 Rifles, 7 kinds of SMGs and 6 Heavy Weapons.

Each weapon set has their own unique characteristics, as well as cost which come into play. Some weapons may be good for partial buys but may not be useful vs Full buys.

Some may be life savers in eco rounds, while some may give you an edge in long range combats. The thing with CSGO is, is that almost all weapons, bar 1 or 2, will yield you a kill in certain situations. 

Best CSGO Weapons To Use in 2022

Category Weapon
Melee Knife
Pistols Glock-18, P2000, USP-S, CZ75-Auto, Desert Eagle, Dual Berettas, Five-SeveN, P250, R8 revolver, Tec-9, 
Heavy: Shotguns MAG-7, Nova, Sawed-Off, XM1014
Heavy: Machine Guns M249, Negev
SMGs Mac-10, MP5-SD, MP7, MP9, P90, PP-Bizon, UMP-45
Assault Rifles Ak-47, AUG, FAMAS, Galil AR, M4A1-S, M4A4, SG 553
Sniper Rifles AWP, G3SG1, SCAR-20, SSG 08
Other Zeus x27


Each weapon in CSGO yields a certain amount of damage to the body. The damage is maximum when shooting at the head. Each kill with a weapon also gives some kill reward in terms of money, for the AWP it is $100 per kill while for SMGs like the MP9 it is $600 per kill. Down below is the full list for pistols:

Pistols Price Kill Award Damage HeadshotMultiplier MagazineSize Mobility RecoilAmount
Desert Eagle $700 $300 53 3.900x 7 230 48.2
R8 Revolver $600 $300 86 4.000x 8 180 20.0
Dual Berettas $300 $300 38 4.000x 30 240 27.0
Five-SeveN $500 $300 32 4.000x 20 240 25.0
Glock-18 $200 $300 30 4.000x 20 240 18.0
P2000 $200 $300 35 4.000x 13 240 26.0
USP-S $200 $300 35 4.000x 12 240 29.0
P250 $300 $300 38 4.000x 13 240 26.0
CZ75 Auto $500 $100 31 4.000x 12 240 31.0
Tec-9 $500 $300 33 4.000x 18 240 23.0


These are good for short range fights, especially on smaller maps like Inferno. These are useful in force buy rounds, especially on the CT side. And buying them is almost never a waste as the high kill reward makes up for the purchasing cost, with each kill netting the player $900.

Shotguns Price Kill Award Damage HeadshotMultiplier MagazineSize Mobility RecoilAmount
Mag-7 $1,300 $900 30 4.000x 5 225 165.0
Nova $1,050 $900 26 4.000x 8 220 143.0
Sawed-Off $1,100 $900 32 4.000x 7 210 143.0
XM1014 $2,000 $900 20 4.000x 7 215 80.0


Sub machine guns are very useful in CSGO when it comes to close quarter combat (CQC). The high fire rate up close can shred players very easily, especially when they dont have a helmet. SMGs are also highly accurate when moving, so running around while shooting makes the player difficult to hit for the opponent as well.

SMGs Price Kill Award Damage HeadshotMultiplier MagazineSize Mobility RecoilAmount
PP-Bizon $1,400 $600 27 4.000x 64 240 18.0
MAC-10 $1,050 $600 29 4.000x 30 240 18.0
MP7 $1,500 $600 29 4.000x 30 220 16.0
MP5-SD $1,500 $600 27 4.000x 30 235 16.0
MP9 $1,250 $600 26 4.000x 30 240 19.0
P90 $2,350 $300 26 4.000x 50 230 16.0
UMP-45 $1,200 $600 35 4.000x 25 230 23.


Rifles are the go to weapons for every CSGO players. They yield the most damage, and are best for close, mid and even long range fights.

There is very little damage drop off and they are very accurate over range making it the best weapon to use in CSGO.

In ARs, the AK47 and the SG 553 can kill players with a single bullet to the head, even if they are wearing a helmet.

This makes it a very potent weapon to have. The M4A1-S has taken over the M4A4 in recent times with the increased damage. The silencer means no bullet tracers, making it easier to spam through smokes.

Automatic Rifles Price Kill Award Damage HeadshotMultiplier MagazineSize Mobility RecoilAmount
AK-47 $2,700 $300 36 4.000x 30 215 30.0
AUG $3,300 $300 28 4.000x 30 220 24.0
FAMAS $2,050 $300 30 4.000x 25 220 20.0
Galil AR $1,800 $300 30 4.000x 35 215 21.0
M4A4 $3,100 $300 33 4.000x 30 225 23.0
M4A1-S $2,900 $300 38 3.475x 25 225 25.0
SG 553 $3,000 $300 30 4.000x 30 210 28.0


Light Machine Guns are the least commonly used weapons in CSGO due to the low movement speed that comes with it. LMGs are also pretty inaccurate with low damage. The Negev is used by players on occasion, usually to spam smokes in the hopes that that’ll net them a kill. 

MGs Price Kill Award Damage HeadshotMultiplier MagazineSize Mobility RecoilAmount
M249 $5,200 $300 32 4.000x 100 195 25.0
Negev $1,700 $300 35 4.000x 150 150 20.0


Snipers are scoped rifles, useful for long range duels. The AWP is the primary Sniper in CSGO, as it has a one bullet one kill policy.

It does 85 damage if it hits the legs, but apart from that, a shot anywhere is a straight up kill. The SSG08 or the Scout is useful for force buys, its high movement speed and ~70 damage with each bullet can be deadly. The scout also kills with a single bullet to the head.

Sniper Rifles Price Kill Award Damage HeadshotMultiplier MagazineSize Mobility RecoilAmount
AWP $4,750 $100 115 4.000x 10 200 78.0
G3SG1 $5,000 $300 80 4.000x 20 215 30.0
SCAR-20 $5,000 $300 80 4.000x 20 215 31.0
SSG 08 $1,700 $300 88 4.000x 10 230 33.0



The first round of a CSGO match is always the pistol round. The default pistols are pretty useful in these rounds so a player is better off just buying the $650 Kevlar. Some teams equip their best player with a P250, by dropping the pistol to them for the raid-boss setup. Like s1mple with NaVi.

The p250 can kill with a single bullet to the head over range, unlike the glock which can only do it up close. 

The P200 and USP-S are both useful on the CT  side and dont need alternatives. More bullets in the P200 come at the cost of slight inaccuracy over range.


T side force buys usually consist of MAC-10s and Galil ARs. The Galil has the fire rate of the M4A4 but is slightly inaccurate, but still very useful for force buys. MAC-10s with their high jumping  accuracy can surprise opponents and can melt CTs without helmets.

On the CT side, MP-9 and FAMAS are the go to weapons for force buys. Some players like arT from FURIA prefer the MAG-7 shotgun and it is viable on maps like Inferno. Dust2 force buys can be Scout heavy with 2 scouts in play during force buys.


Anti eco rounds are the best to make money, hence players prefer SMGs like the MP9 or the MAC-10 on the T side.

This helps the team build a bank from the start, but can be a problem if teams face the next gun round with the SMGs still in hand. That is why some players go for the standard AK-47 or the M4 in anti ecos. 


Full buy rounds are pretty standard, with the CTs  having 1 or 2 AWPs surrounded by M4s. M4A4 and the M4A1-s dont kill with a single bullet to the head, but do around 90 damage so players need to use their nades smartly to get the opponent near that mark.

On the T side, players usually buy the AK-47, or the  SG553 as a rifle. The Krieg’s scope can give them an edge, but the slower rate of fire takes away the buff.

There is usually 1 AWP on the T side, and on maps like Inferno and Nuke, some players prefer to rifle altogther. 

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