Was this an ICM punt with QQ?

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Normally QQ is a fist pump call but when it’s against two players, one of whom is the chip leader, that really muddies the waters.

Our friends at the Unibet sponsored Chip Race Podcast are back with a new hand analysis where David Lappin gets a hand solved by his cohost Dara O’Kearney. 

At the top of the video Lappin admits he made a mistake, but he didn’t realise just how big a mistake it was until Dara used the solvers to review it.  

This was a tough spot at the final table of the €100 SuperNova at Unibet where he found himself third in chips with Pocket Queens. The under-the-gun chip leader raises and the middle position 2nd chip leader flats. This is a horrible spot with a big hand for Lappin because he is up against the only two players who can bust him.

In the game he made the case for flatting with the hand, which Dara agreed with. Flatting keeps the pot small and, although it invites the blinds to come along, is the lower variance option. The short stacked player behind him shoves and the chip leader quickly reshoves, 2nd in chips folds leaving Lappin to ponder a big call. 

What follows then is a discussion of timing tells and what that quick reshove meant from the chip leader. Lappin then makes his decision. 

After the result Dara consults the solvers which make a very different decision. He also breaks down the equity of all the players involved and puts real money figures on all the decision points in the hand. 

Special Chip Race tourney this month

The Unibet sponsored Chip Race Podcast is hosting a special PKO tournament this week to celebrate being nominated for a Global Poker Award for Best Poker Podcast – the same aware they won in 2019.

The tournament has a €50 entry fee and a €10,000 guarantee on Friday February 18 at 19:00 GMT.

In addition there will also be a $1,000 training site voucher for the winner and special bounties on Dara O’Kearney, David Lappin, Ian Simpson and special guest Louise Butler.

Our Unibet Rake Race is under way

For several years, our rake race at Unibet has been restricted to PokerStrategists only, but as before in November our members will have to compete with a player pool from different affiliates this February again to get their hands on one of the coveted prizes.

The competition will be harder but there’s also much more to gain with €25,000 given away per month compared to €6,500 before. What’s more, the race will again see 50 instead of 40 places being paid, with the lowest prizes starting at €25 and the main prize being a whopping €3,000.

While it will be tougher to get your hands on one of the lower prizes, if you’ve been able to hit the top positions in our exclusive race, you should now even score a bigger payday with the new structure according to Unibet’s calculations.

More competition but bigger prizes

If you want to take part, your account at Unibet still needs to be tracked via PokerStrategy.com. If you don’t have one yet, you can create a tracked account at Unibet right here. Afterwards, it’s just about generating as much rake as possible within a calendar month to score a good position on the leaderboard, which will be available to track for everyone on the Unibet website.

The full payout table for the new race starting on February 1 can be found below, and remember you’ll get an exclusive bonus if you decide to sign-up at Unibet through PokerStrategy.com.

This promotion is not available for Unibet players from Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Belgium due to local gambling regulations.

rake race unibet

€25,000 Rake Race at Unibet for selected Partners
Rank Prize
1 €3,000
2 €2,700
3 €2,400
4 €2,150
5 €1,900
6 €1,650
7 €1,400
8 €1,200
9 €1,000
10 €800
11 €600
12 €500
13 €450
14 €400
15 €400
16 €350
17 €350
18 €350
19 €350
20 €300
21 €300
22 €250
23 €250
24 €225
25 €225
26 €200
27 €200
28 €175
29 €175
30 €150
31 €150
32 €125
33 €125
34 €100
35 €100
36 €75
37 €75
38 €75
39 €75
40 €75
41 €50
42 €50
43 €50
44 €50
45 €50
46 €50
47 €50
48 €25
49 €25
50 €25

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